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The Nursing Cover Boutique offers nursing covers, breastfeeding covers, breastfeeding shawls, nursing cover clips, and breastfeeding accessories for moms who want to breastfeed in style.

Use and Care - Baby O on the go Breastfeeding Cover

How do the Baby O Breastfeeding Covers work? It's simple. Baby O on-the-Go Breastfeeding Covers include a large scarf that is sized perfectly for breastfeeding and the Baby O Nursing Ring. Mom only needs to attach the Baby O Nursing Ring to a corner of the breastfeeding scarf, slip the ringed end around her neck and secure the ring under her bra strap for easy breastfeeding in public.

How to Tie Your Baby O Breastfeeding Cover

breastfeeding cover scarf instructions

Remove the scarf and nursing ring from the storage pouch.  Thread one corner through the center hole of the nursing ring and pull 6 inches out, then tie in a thumb knot, leaving a 2 inch tail at the end, as shown.
Slide the nursing ring to the knot and pull taunt. Now it is ready to use.  (Illustration 1)

Breastfeeding cover nursing cover instructionsSimply slip the nursing ring
and scarf around the back of the neck to the other side and secure under the bra strap at the top of the shoulder, as shown.  In the beginning, practice securing the nursing cover in front of a mirror. 
(Illustration 2)

Drape the scarf so that the exposed front and side of the body are covered, as shown.  (Illustration 3) 

Now you are ready to nurse in style!


The center of the breastfeeding cover is  designed with a subtle X shaped pattern.  When the center is placed on or near the baby's head, the cover is perfectly positioned and assures complete coverage.  For faster nursing, simply leave the Baby O Nursing Ring knotted into the scarf so it is ready to go when you are!

Caring For Your Baby O Breastfeeding Cover

Machine wash your Baby O Breastfeeding Cover as you would  your best lingerie - separately and in a lingerie bag, in cold water/gentle cycle.  To dry, use low machine heat for 10-15 minutes and remove promptly to avoid wrinkles.

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