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The Nursing Cover Boutique offers nursing covers, breastfeeding covers, breastfeeding shawls, nursing cover clips, and breastfeeding accessories for moms who want to breastfeed in style.

NollieCover Optional Add-on Items:

NollieCovers Car Seat Covers Add-On's Headrest

Headrest: Headrest are made to match our infant car seat covers, the plush soft minky goes around the top (where the babies head would go) and matching fabric in the lower part of the headrest. Fits in all infant car seats. Easy to remove and wash, no need to ever remove your cover or seat belts. Machine washable and dryer safe.
NollieCover Car Seat Coves Add-On Puddle Pad
Puddle Pad: Made to protect your NollieCover from messy diaper and wetness accidents. Fits in the lower section of your infant car seat, your baby sits in the puddle pad. Made out of soft minky fabrics, padded, lined with waterproof fabric. Nollie Puddle Pad is easy to remove and wash keeping your Nollie Cover clean and dry. Machine washable and dryer safe.

NollieCovers Car Seat Covers Add-Ons Muffy

No more falling or mismatched blankets! Muffy is made to fit all infant car seat and infant swings. Nicely padded for a warm and comfortable baby, great for newborns, gives your newborn a womb-like feeling for snuggly and cozy rest, but doesn't restrict baby's movement. Muffy's are fully reversible, so it's like 2 blankets in one. Snug fitting so babies can't kick them off. Easy to remove and machine washable.

NollieCovers Car Seat Cover Add-On Belly Pad and Strap Covers
Belly Pad / Seat Belt Cover Pack:
Belly pad protects your child's tummy and leg area when snapping in the 5 point harness into the buckle.

Seat belt covers protect the neck area from seat belts digging into your child's neck and shoulders.

NollieCovers Car Seat Cover Add-On Winter POD
Winter NolliePOD: NolliePODS are made to fully protect your baby from cold winters chill, they are a full car seat cover, all you do is slip a NolliePOD over your infant car seat like a fluffy thick blanket and it stays in place keeping baby cozy and warm. Fully padded, easy to remove and wash.

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