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MilkScreen FAQs

What is MilkScreen?

  • MilkScreen is a simple, two-minute test that detects the presence of alcohol in breast milk.
  • MilkScreen is a consumer product, and not intended to be used in the prevention, diagnosis or treatment of alcohol intoxication or poisoning or other health-related conditions in women or nursing babies. 

Can I test using refrigerated breast milk?

  • You may use breast milk that has been refrigerated or frozen, but milk must be brought to room temperature before testing.  After milk is at room temperature, shake bottle containing breast milk and pour a small amount into a container and perform the test.

I read results at 2 minutes but then noticed a while later that my test pad had darkened in color. 

  • MilkScreen results should be read 2 minutes after saturating the test pad with breast milk.  Test pad may continue to darken after this time (even if alcohol is NOT present) due to continued exposure to oxygen in the air.  Therefore, the result at exactly 2 minutes is the test result you should use. 

 Do the Milkscreen test strips have an expiration date?

  • Yes.  Expiration date is embossed on the back of each foil pouch containing the test strip.  Expiration date is also noted on the outside of the packaging on a sticker under LOT - expiration date will be shown by year and month (i.e. 2012-10).

 Why was MilkScreen created?

  • MilkScreen was created to help extend the life of breastfeeding. Many women wish to resume occasional low to moderate alcohol consumption after delivery, but often are concerned about the effects of alcohol in breast milk.

I don't feel intoxicated – why use MilkScreen?

  • Because all mothers are unique! So, naturally the way each woman’s body process alcohol is unique, too. A "feeling" of intoxication or non-intoxication is not an accurate indicator when determining if alcohol is present or not in the breast milk. Again, it depends on several factors including:
    • Body weight
    • Type of alcohol consumed
    • Food intake

How does MilkScreen work?

  • MilkScreen consists of a plastic strip with a reactive test pad applied to one tip. Two minutes after saturation the tip will change colors if alcohol is present at, or above, 13.1 mg/dL

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